Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 20: 30

Today, I am 30.  It has been such a special birthday.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  This will truly be one I remember.

One of my friends gave me a card for my 30th that has this line and it could not be more appropriate for describing how I feel about this birthday:  "You're right there with your arms wide open - waiting to take it for everything it's worth."

A lot of people dread getting older, and while I can relate in terms of dreading certain aspects of getting older (gray hair, wrinkles, all the superficial stuff), I do not dread the idea of getting older.

I will remember my 20's as being packed with changes, love, building great friendships, new life experiences, and becoming a mom.  And learning - about myself, marriage, motherhood, heartache, heartbreak.

I feel more comfortable in my shoes at 30 than I did at 20.  I have such love for the people in my life, and cherish those relationships now more than ever.  And I have such an appreciation for life and how fragile it is, and that is all thanks to Luca.  She has taught me so much in her two years of life and I owe her so much for that.  We have had to fight to get her to every birthday, so there is no way I could ever dread any of my birthdays when she has taught me just how special getting to them is.

And Ian, oh Ian, how I am continually amazed out how our marriage molds around the changes our life brings, even when it is hard, it has been oh so worth it.

So a sweet farewell to my 20's, as I step into 30.  I feel good things in the air for this new decade.  Living, loving, laughter, (more) gray hairs and all.  Here I am.


  1. happy birthday! here's to the next decade and a healthy happy life for you, Ian and of course miss lulu! love you!

  2. Welcome! and Happy Birthday Katie! You are going to ROCK this next decade in your life!


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