Friday, September 28, 2012

After the interview

Thanks to those who listened, and especially to those who have called into support today.  I heard a few stories while I was there that made me tear up - I really am so grateful Luca was transferred to Children's National two years ago.

I was nervous leading up to the interview, as I am for any public speaking.  But it was quick and easy once we started.  I did not know that they were filming it until I got to my car to leave.  I probably would not have scratched my nose and would have sucked my gut in had I known ahead of time.  But it's for the kids so who cares what I looked like (hopefully nobody besides me).

Hearing others stories, and sharing Luca's brings me back to those very dark first few weeks of her life.  And I look at her now, being a typical toddler trouble-maker, and smile.  Because things could have turned out so differently.  Even when I get exasperated because she has unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper (for the second time that morning), or because she will not stop feeding Tessa her food (seriously, they must have an agreement), I am so happy she is here for me to scold her.

(this is the face she makes when you tell her to smile)

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