Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My faults

I have many faults.  I am completely aware that I am not the easiest person to be friends with.  Conversations with friends often include the crap going on in my life with Luca.  My life is not all sunshine.  I do not always get around to sending thank you notes (although it is something I am working on).  People have done tremendous things for us since Luca was born.  I may not always show our gratefulness...but I would hope that people know just how very grateful we are.  I go long periods of time without keeping in touch.  I forget friends birthdays.  I have a list of weddings and babies that I need to send gifts for...and little by little I send them (when I can space out the spending a bit).  I always want to get together with friends, and care so deeply for them, but time slips away and then it has been months since I said we should get together. 

I am not perfect.  I have many faults.  But I go to bed at night knowing one thing...I am doing the best I can every.single.day.  There is a little innocent being who requires therapy, homework, many appointments, and love.  And she is my first priority.  There is a man in my life who through it all, is holding my hand.  He is my priority.  Our marriage is my priority.

I am doing my very best to find balance for everyone in my life.  So to my family, friends, acquaintances, blog friends, strangers - I care about you deeply, even when I fail to recognize what an amazing person you are when you deserve to be reminded.  Even when I forget your birthday.  Even when I do not send a gift when a gift is due.  Even when I go long periods of time without talking to you.  Even when I miss being at your shower, party, wedding, etc.  Even when it seems like I do not recognize all the wonderful things you have done or said.

Please know that I think about all of these things every day, even though you may not know it.  I think about how I can improve.  I am trying.


  1. Katie, your good friends & family KNOW that you're doing the best you can. People who expect MORE from you aren't worth your time because they should understand your priorities. You're in a different situation than most.

    I promise that the Charm City household knows this, doesn't fault you for anything and are also horribly guilty of falling out of touch. We still love you guys! (and please never feel like you need to send a thank you card to us - if this eases any sort of stress for you, we don't need a card ever!)

  2. I want a fun "household" name. I think the best thing about having great friends and family surrounding you is that there may be times when you go long periods without talking, etc. but that when you do you don't miss a beat!


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