Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our weekend was full of visitors.  Ian's brother came from France.  My brother and his wife, and their baby came to visit.  We did not plan it that way, but it just worked that they happened to all be visiting at the same time.

We had everyone over for a cook-out.  Our house is much too small for that many people, but we managed just fine.

Luca and her first cousin had not met yet.  We brought Luca down from her nap, and she found her cousin on the floor rolling around (he is just a few months younger than her).  We set her down on the floor a few feet from him.  Her lip jutted out and you could see what was about to happen. As soon as she started screaming, her cousin turned to see her for the first time, and upon seeing and hearing her cry, he too joined in. And the adults in the room - well, we all thought it was hilarious.  Both babes screaming, and all of us laughing.

For the most part, they pretty much ignored eachother for the weekend.  On occasion if they were sitting next to eachother, they would bully eachother a bit.  Her cousin trying to get close to her face and grab her or her clothes, while Luca pretty much gave him the cold shoulder.  We took a group of family photos and the babes were sitting next to eachother, and the photos are hilarious - it looks like they are fighting and pushing eachother.

And to keep Luca germ free, we kept a container of clorox wipes nearby, and I wiped down all the toys a few times during each day since both babes were putting every toy in their mouths.

The weekend was awesome for the most part.  It felt so great to have most of our families with us for the first time since Luca was born.

I could not help but be a bit sad though, seeing what having a non-medically challenged baby would be like, right in front of our faces.  While I try my hardest not to compare Luca to other kids I see, it was hard not to compare when a baby was staying in the house with us.  To see that baby eating well, and sleeping without interruptions from pumps beeping and meds being given, to see the parents look rested, to see the baby developmentally on-track - it all became apparent just how different our lives are.  And it made me long for the day when Luca is stable enough that we could go away for a night.

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