Monday, June 13, 2011

First weekend home in a month

Our first weekend home in over a month - it was awesome.  Although I will add that holy crap, Luca has grown up so much since a month ago.  Friday I was EXHAUSTED from taking care of her on my own all day.  She is into everything and needs so much attention.

Saturday we had family over to help entertain L so that Ian and I could get things sorted out in the house.  We did a massive cleanup and organization of a few rooms in the house.  Ian sorted the mail and bills.  Luca played and napped (tough day for her clearly!).  We even managed to break away from the house for an hour to do a grocery run.  Seriously, it was the most money spent in the least amount of time at the grocery store.

Sunday we lounged around and then headed out in the muggy heat for a big walk.  I sweated like crazy and it made me realize that I had not been out in the heat yet this year so my body was not used to it!  Ian did not start sweating until about 1/2 into the walk.  Luca lounged in her stroller, facing out like a big girl (no longer in the car seat adapter portion).  Every time one of us would walk ahead of her, her face would break into a wide grin.  For most of the walk, you could glance down at her and all you'd see was her feet kicking in the breeze.  She loved every minute of the walk and stayed awake for all of it.

Now, I am getting back into a weekday routine.  So very happy to be home! (I am working on uploading pictures while the princess sleeps.)

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