Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Rainy Wednesday

Inevitably when we come home from a hospital stay within a few days we have a freak out moment. Having just been scared by a recent episode, we are super observant of L's behavior.  Like last night for example, L was cranky for a couple hours. I automatically thought we needed to go back to the hospital. Just as we were getting ready and packing things, she calms down and begins smiling and chatting away. So what do we do?

Last night we decided to watch her.  She had trouble going to sleep and was unusually cranky trying to get to sleep.  But this morning, she woke up and has been happy.

Crankiness can be a whole range of issues.  Is she teething?  Is she overly tired?  Does she not feel well?  Or, if she really having an issue?

The fact that she woke up happy today makes me think she is fine.  So back to waiting and watching.  I really do hate this disorder.  I so wish there was a way to do a quick blood test at home to see if she's okay (like a diabetes home test - a quick prick). 

Today, I am running errands and going for a much needed massage.

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  1. Looking back I don't think my husband or I let down our guard for the whole year (and one month) before the surgery. After the surgery we still had trouble relaxing because we were so used to being tense and on guard. We would not sleep well at night because any little sound from Heemie's room had us up. It took a while before we were able to relax and our subconscious realized that it did not need to be on guard for elevated ammonia related crankiness or vomiting.

    Hope you enjoy your massage! You deserve it!



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