Friday, November 12, 2010

Lazy Friday

This is a prescheduled post because today is appointment day for L.  Enjoy some recent pictures of us out and about!

Decided to take a picture of our church on one of my daily walks:

 This is my daily routine - on a walk with L and Tess!

 The wind hit her ear perfectly for this shot.

After hearing me complain about not having many pictures of me with L, Ian changed that by taking dozens of just the two of of the many.

Halloween - L is obsessed with Tess and cannot stop staring at her.  L's shirt reads "Daddy's under my spell"

Her best spooky face!

We didn't get to taking her 3 month pictures until her crankiest time of she was pouty for every picture.  Bummer.  Sadly, this is one of the best ones we have (of her not screaming!):

Love her hand grabbing my shirt

Ian joined us for a big walk over the weekend.  Beautiful walk along the water.  Here, at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.

Need to edit my shadow out of this photo.

Was obsessed with the shining through those clouds - so pretty.

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  1. I love when Jayden grabs my shirt like that too.

    I really like the pictures. They are great. Especially the ones of the two of you together. And the one of the dogs paws and baby foot :)


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