Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hang with me!

Three appointment days in a row (all is okay - all prescheduled appointments) means I've been swamped and baby's sleep schedule is all kinds of messed up. 

Post coming soon (didn't I say this last week?  ugh).  In the meantime, I desperately need to update the look of this blog.  What I did yesterday was out of desperation and I don't like the design - but I needed to change it and so here it is.  Hoping I can get around to doing something better sometime soon.


  1. wow!! gorgeous new picture of you and your sweets!!

  2. I love that pic of you and Luca!! Just gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful picture!

  4. Love the new look, what a great picture. you may have inspired me to change the look on my blog. Love haring your stories.


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