Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back again

Luca is back in the hospital.  Yesterday, she continued her fussiness and my gut was telling me she was fine, but I was nervous and so we took a trip down to DC to get her checked out.

After 1.5 hours of trying to get an IV in to draw blood (and lots of screaming and sweating from Luca), they finally were able to get enough blood to test her ammonia.  That came back at 206.  That is too high so she has been admitted.

Also, her white blood count came back high, indicating she has some type of virus.  Likely a cold of some sort.

They repeated her ammonia test at 2 am and 6am - they came back at 128 and 133.

So far, they are keeping her diet as normal, and adding in a couple extra doses of medication, along with giving her fluids and intralipids through IV.  We'll be here until the virus clears up and her ammonia levels return to acceptable levels.

Praying that her ammonia levels continue to go down on their own and that her body quickly heals from this virus.


  1. Thoughts and prayers being sent in your direction.

  2. Good intincts on getting her checked out! Do you need me to bring you anything? I'm home teleworking in Waldorf, but I can drive up.


  3. I'm glad you followed your gut and took her in. I too am spending David's 1st Thanksgiving in the hospital. I'll be thinking about you and Luca. Peace~Amy


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