Friday, October 1, 2010

Picture Day

Lots of recent pictures of our chunky monkey.

Tessa loves trying to kiss Luca right on the mouth...ewwww!

She loves watching the TV:
 Baby girl received her 2 month shots early so she can build up resistance before her transplant...and just look at those adorable chunky legs!

 Stretching out
 She likes being on mama's chest.
 Asleep and her face is so smooshed...

 One of her favorite places to hang out.
 Oh hello mama!
 Her latest trick...blowing tons and tons of bubbles.
 This is right before she sneezes.

More pictures are coming!


  1. Adorable! She looks like she is doing great!

  2. Such a pretty girl!! I think the bubble pic might be the cutest thing ever!!!

  3. She is a little doll baby!!! LOVE the chunky legs :)

  4. I love her :) But I can't figure out if she looks more like you or hub?

  5. I WANT TO EAT HER UP!!!!!!! She's SOOOO cute!!!!


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