Wednesday, August 4, 2010

42 Weeks, 1 day Pregnant

I never thought I'd be posting that I'm officially 10 months pregnant.  But I am. 

I pretty much took a breather from the internet world the past few days.  I was already facing so much anxiety about making the right decision for us in terms of pushing the induction date back a few days.  Then to hear everyone's opinions was making it difficult to think clearly about our situation.  That, and I finally decided to pretty much ignore everyone's "when is she coming" questions.  When she arrives, everyone will know and that's that.

I am 42 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  I cannot believe it!  I never thought we'd get this far along in pregnancy.  And to think that I thought I might go early - this little girl is totally making a mockery of that statement!  She most certainly is a stubborn little one, and this is probably a preview of how challenging she may be as a little girl.

My tank tops no longer fit all the way over my stomach.  I have stretch marks covering my entire lower stomach.  I have trouble getting my prenatal vitamins down every night because they get stuck on that stupid hiatal hernia.  I waddle rather than walk.  I need help getting off the couch, and need a crane to lift me from the bed (and will myself to not pee as I do so). 

Pregnancy is an adventure.  It's a learning experience.  And if it's taught me anything, it's to let go of control, to trust my body, and that if you're in a good mindset, you really can have a fantastic experience.  Are all parts of it fun?  Nope.  But I have enjoyed it so much.  I have loved feeling this baby move and play inside my belly  I love talking to her, singing to her, car rides alone with her.  I love her reactions to certain things like soft or loud music, being startled the first time Ian spoke into my belly and woke her.  Or like today when the technician put the monitor band on my belly way too tight, baby girl immediately moved and began kicking the monitor.

I have loved being pregnant.  I have grown such admiration for mamas, and for what our bodies can do.  It truly does feel like a miracle to grow a human being.  I am so, so blessed.

As much as I've loved being pregnant, my heart is filling up with so much excitement I think it might overflow, for the next journey in our lives.  We're ready for the next chapter.  In the next day or two, we will no longer just be Kt, Ian, Kt and Ian.  We'll be mama and papa.  Parents.  And our marriage will be different.  No longer just the two of us.  We have created something, someone,  that bonds us together forever. 

Today, as I had another non-stress test on baby girl (everything went beautifully by the way), Ian sat on the bed with me and held my hand.  I felt happy, lucky, that this man is beside me for the next journey.

We are overwhelmed with excitement and joy as we look ahead at the next chapter in our lives.  Now, just waiting for that chapter to begin.

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  1. Kt, this is my favorite post yet. I am so excited for has been fascinating to follow you on your journey. You guys are going to be such amazing parents. I can't wait to meet the newest addition! Will be thinking of you tomorrow...xoxo


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