Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Everything is fine.  Have an ultrasound scheduled for Friday and Monday to check amniotic fluid levels and baby's position and heartrate.  Have a check-up next Monday with the midwives.  If no baby by Monday night, induction is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Hearing that an induction has been penciled in made me have a mini breakdown.  Don't want to get to that point.  Every single thing about an induction would go against what I want.  I understand it works beautifully for some women.  But for me, someone who hates anything medical and that's the main reason I'm going naturally, an induction would be a very traumatic and anxiety producing event for me.

Saying prayers that this baby comes as soon as possible, on her own time.


  1. :-(

    Well I'm glad everything is looking good!!

    I am sending you "baby come out" vibes hardcore right now. Hopefully I have some sort of mental powers that will really trigger something. If not - I should ask my mom about some weirdo Korean tricks that might work.

  2. Sending some more of those baby arrival vibes your way! (Hugs, too!)

  3. i've never ever commented on your blog (or anyone else's for that matter!) but i do check in with you every day or so, especially lately to see how you and the baby are doing. i just wanted to say, you seem to have done a fantastic job of keeping you and the baby healthy and happy for nine months...hang in there for a few more days! (or hours, hopefully)

  4. Thanks Kim and Nanette.

    And Maya, thanks for reading! So glad you left a comment. Thanks for your kind words and I'm wishing right along with you that it's more like hours for us :)

  5. Praying for you that she decides it's time by Monday!!! I'm sure she'll be ready by then :)


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