Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Taste of Labor

I woke up several times last night to pee - but something felt different.  Finally at 5:00, I realized that I was indeed having some real contractions.  They were intense enough that I could not fall back to sleep.  I finally woke Ian at 5:40.  I stayed up for another couple hours while Ian slept.  I slept in between contractions.  It was certainly a taste of labor.  But they eventually lost intensity and I was able to fall completely back to sleep.

Just another sign that my body is doing what it should be - getting ready!  I was filled with excitement at the thought of this time being "it."


  1. I was so sure that you would go into labor over the weekend!

  2. Me too!!! I've kept my phone close by the whole weekend and thought last night was it!

  3. Glad to hear your body is getting ready! I'm jealous b/c I have NO idea what a real contraction feels like at this point. Keeping my fingers crossed you go any day now!


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