Thursday, July 22, 2010

So this is the annoying part

I think next pregnancy, I will tell my friends and family that my due date is 2 weeks later than it actually is.  I have decided that it's not the waiting part that's bad, it's the amount of times I'm asked "any news yet" or "are you in labor yet", or "have you had the baby yet" that is out of control.  It started about a week before my due date.  People emailing, texting, calling, just to "check in." 

By my due date, it was already getting annoying.  And now, I'm irritated every time my phone beeps with a new text message.  I'm relieved if I see someone isn't asking me those questions.

But the thing that amuses me is that these people asking are my family and friends.  Don't they know that I have a plan in place to inform them all when I do have this baby?  Do my close family and friends really think they'll be out of the loop? 

Or if I don't get to my phone in time and it goes to voicemail, people are automatically thinking I'm in labor and at the hospital.  People need to calm down.  No wonder us soon-to-be-mamas get anxious at the end.  Of course, we're all excited to meet our little ones, but we're more excited to not hear those questions anymore!

Note to people out there - if you're friends with a pregnant lady, don't pester her with questions at the end.  EDITED TO ADD: I think sending a message saying "thinking of you over the next few days" is totally appropriate.  It's just the actual questions of "how do you feel? do you feel like it'll happen today?  have you had the baby yet?" that get a bit overwhelming.

And to not end this on a sour note, I want to say that I know my family and friends are asking us because they are so excited for us!  Their enthusiasm to meet this little one is overwhelming, and I love it.  We are blessed to have so many people who actually CARE!  I just wish they'd stop making me a crazy person with their enthusiasm :) 


  1. I think it's because we want to know the name :P haha xoxo

  2. A snide "Oh that's right! I DID have the baby but just forgot to tell you!" should get them off your back for a while :)

  3. I have a friend who is due tomorrow with her first kid- after this I will not be texting her to see how she is doing! :-)

  4. I HATED that! I thought the same thing if it were happening I'D FREAKING CALL YOU GRANDMA/MOM/Aunt


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