Monday, July 19, 2010

Like her mama or dad?

I hate being late.  I had hoped baby girl might have a similar personality.  But I'm thinking she might just be more like her Dad and take her sweet, precious time.  If I give Ian a deadline, I inevitably need to fib and tell him a deadline a few days/hours/minutes before the real deadline because he is ALWAYS late.

Maybe I should've employed this same tactic with baby girl.

I have been approaching her due date with caution, skepticism really.  I've seen and heard of way too many women who pass their due dates with disappointment, desperation, and irritation.  I was/am determined not to fall into that trap.  I have had it in my head that no matter when she comes, she is coming so soon, so I cannot be disappointed.  And I also am fully aware that first time mamas normally pass their due dates - by an average of 10 days.  Personally, I think the due date given should be the maximum amount of time the doctor will let mom go.  That way, we don't get these crazy due dates in our heads that we envision as deadlines.  Truly, the due dates given are averages of the range - so anywhere from 37-42 weeks is when baby will be ready.  And it just depends on mom's body and baby's readiness as to when he/she will come during that time period.

The only concern I have for her coming 2 weeks late (which is the latest I will be allowed to go), is that it means less time home before I go back to school.  I don't have a guaranteed 5 weeks maternity leave.  It's all based on when she comes.  I only have the time from when I deliver, until when school officially starts.  People have asked if I can miss the first two weeks of school.  The nature of law school is such that you really cannot miss classes - even for medical reasons.  If I were to request excused absences for more than a couple days, my school would likely suggest that I take the semester off, which is something I cannot do.

Am I desperate for her to be out?  No.  But I am desperate to have as much time home with her as possible.  I am desperate to have enough time to recover from delivering.  I am desperate to have enough time to get adjusted to breastfeeding.

Trying to let go and just relax.  Reminding myself that she will come when the time is right.  Hoping for a delivery sooner rather than later, but know that she'll be here within the next 2 weeks.  I cannot wait to meet eyes with this little one!


  1. I think that is the toughest part of having an estimated due date is the disappointment of passing that day. I think you have such a great attitude and take on things and it's really great to be reminded how close you really are!

  2. My friend in law school missed the first week of 1st semester 3rd year because he was on his honeymoon. He thought that it was well worth it, but it would have been hard to convince me to miss the first week after looking at a tuition bill!

    Hopefully she makes her grand entrance soon!

  3. Ohhh Katie this has to be so hard to wait for! I am praying that baby girl comes SOON so you get as much time with her as possible before going back to school!!

  4. I hope that it she comes today/tomorrow! :) That way you get to have the time with her that you want. I am taking the semester off, my school is difficult, and also not going to cooperate with me, so I have to take it off (we're due in September).


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