Thursday, June 17, 2010

We've managed to escape them...until now.

Living in Baltimore City, it is not uncommon to have bug, pest, rat/mice problems.  It often has nothing to do with how clean the house is.  We somehow had managed to avoid all of them. 

About a year ago, we noticed that rats were digging holes outside in the ally underneath our cement patio.  We quickly took action and sealed off the hole (and the ones inside the hole died - we know this for a fact).  We have been in the clear ever since.

Last night, Ian came up to bed and I realized I needed more water.  I walked back downstairs and turned the lights back on.  I walked across the kitchen and looked down and thought "what fell on the floor?"  I walked towards said item, and it quickly scurried underneath the refrigerator.

It was a f-ing cockroach.  I screamed like a little girl and began yelling for Ian to come help me.  Realizing he hadn't heard me, I barged into the bathroom where he was taking a shower and yelled that he has to come help me kill a bug.  A f-ing cockroach! We couldn't find the bastard though so he's still somewhere...hiding.

Does this mean we have them now?  Or was this just a random appearance by only one?  And do we take immediate action to get them out?  What works for your house?


  1. Yes you have more than just one :) but I do have some stuff that will kill them and it is safe for use in the kitchen. I will dig it out of our basement this weekend and bring it over.

  2. Oh no!!! We haven't had any cockroaches yet, but we've definitely had our share of invading creatures - most recently, carpenter ants. We usually use pesticides to control it - as much as I don't like putting that stuff in our home, it's really the only way.

    Good luck!

  3. Welcome to Baltimore! You have more than one!



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