Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Neverending Lists

I am finding myself continuing to add to a list of to-dos.  It seems like I get so much done, then add on another 10 things that need to be done.  I posted a list of to-dos a few weeks ago and here's my progress, along with many additions:
  • get a book case for nursery
  • get shelving for nursery
  • get hanging device for nursery
  • look into mobiles
  • get picture frames and order other stuff from etsy that I've had my eye on
  • book our doula
  • find pediatrician (I *think* this is done - have an appointment set up to interview them)
  • get car seat installed
  • get cars cleaned
  • finish reading various pregnancy/birthing/breastfeeding books
  • get hospital bag together (this is started!)
  • buy hamper
  • wash baby clothes/blankets
  • organize nursery
  • put car seat adapter on stroller
  • get ipod docking station for baby's room
  • go on hospital tour
  • take baby care class (we are signed up for this)
  • take breastfeeding class (we are signed up for this)
  • maternity photos
  • lamp
  • craft projects
  • signs for room
  • side table
Now, I also have an ongoing hospital bag list.  What am I missing?!
  • maternity hospital gown
  • snacks
  • drinks
  • pillows
  • flip flops
  • blankets
  • slippers
  • robe
  • towels
  • breastfeeding pillow
  • my clothes (nursing bras, sports bra, comfortable clothes)
  • toiletries
  • Ian's clothes
  • baby's clothes
  • baby blankets (2 - one to bring home for Tessa to smell, one or stay at hospital)
  • email list/phone numbers
  • laptop
  • hypnobirthing book/cds
  • birth plan
  • headphones
  • ipod and ipod charger
  • cameras (and chargers, and extra lens)
  • hair ties
  • toilet paper (thanks for this addition, Nanette!)


  1. Did you get a baby book? If so bring it they will do the hand/foot prints for you.

    Looks good! We are getting so close!

  2. Holy hell - my head hurts reading this list. I am overwhelmed!

    Do you need help with any of the setup? I'll happily help wash clothes and whatnot.


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