Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interruption Part 2, and probably way too much information

I talked about the minor bump in the road of an otherwise healthy and happy pregnancy about 2 weeks ago.

Luckily that stone has either passed without me knowing, or it's just become dormant.  Either way, I haven't really had much pain from it (thank God). 

This post is mostly about urine.  Fun stuff.

A couple days ago I noticed that the other kidney was having some little twinges of pain, the same twinges of pain I normally get when I'm starting to get a kidney infection.  (I've had quite a few of them).  I increased my water intake and took a cranberry pill, hoping to avoid an infection.  But overnight it seemed to get just a tad worse.  Still nothing too crazy.

As a precaution, I called my midwife.  She wanted to see me right away, to put a catheter in for a clean urine sample.  Ummm, say what?!  I got off the phone with her yesterday and bursted into tears.  I was going to have to get what, put where, and have to go BY MYSELF?!  Ian has some craziness going on at work so I knew he wouldn't be able to join me.

I drove myself to the office, the whole time my hands were clammy from anxiety.  I got there, and asked her how bad this was going to be.  I wasn't worried about the pain (if I was, I probably wouldn't be planning on a medication free birth with baby girl!), but just hate medical stuff in general, and hate the anticipation of it.  She calmed me down and said it wasn't going to be bad at all.

She was right!  It wasn't bad at all, and it was over so quickly.  Seemed like it was 30 seconds - she said it was a few minutes.

The good news is that the quick results showed no infection - but she thinks that the 3 day culture will have something.  I was super well hydrated which can sometimes dilute things so much that nothing shows up (this has happened once before).  So they are treating me just in case because my symptoms are pointing towards the start of a kidney infection.

I'm not thrilled to be on antibiotics - but I know kidney infections, especially during pregnancy, are nothing to mess around with.  And the antibiotics are safe for baby. 

At least these types of situations are reminding me of why I love that I switched to this group of midwives - they are on top of things, and super patient.  Love them!

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  1. The catheter didn't hurt? I am surprised - I've always imagined that to be a horrific pain.

    Well I hope you don't get a kidney infection!


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