Tuesday, June 29, 2010

37 Weeks - Full Term

If you have not guessed when baby girl will make her debut, do so now!  Please click on THIS LINK, and leave a comment with the date and time of baby girl's debut.  Also, please include your guess for her height and weight (the height and weight will be used if there is a time for the date and time of delivery).  Note that you do not need to be a blogger to win - just make sure your name is included and voila!  The guessing game will close at 11:59 on Friday, July 2nd!

At 37 weeks pregnant, baby girl is considered full term (meaning that anywhere between now and 42 weeks, if I go into labor, they will do nothing to stop it because she isn't considered premature).  I'm grateful we've made it this far considering how scary prematurity can be for families.

It's funny the reactions I get from people now that I'm this far along.  Some people say I don't look ready to go in 3 weeks.  Others say I look ready to go now and she'll come early.  Maybe it just depends on the day they see me?  I tend to waddle more when I'm wearing a dress because it's so damn hot out that it makes the tops of my legs stick together.  When I'm wearing capris or leggings or pants, I don't think I walk much differently than normal.  Maybe that has something to do with it?

The past couple days I've been feeling more uncomfortable.  Not anxious for her to come out - but just kind of feeling off.  For the past week, I've been taking a nap once during the day.  Sleeping has become more difficult as now I'm peeing about every 2 hours.  Last night in the span of 9 hours, I woke up to pee 5 times.  Getting back into a comfortable position and falling back asleep are increasingly difficult (probably explains why I'm taking more naps).

Late last week, I had some spotting.  I talked to my midwife and apparently that can happen when the body is progressing (dilating normally).  So I take it as a good sign!

Baby girl is as active as ever.  Her movements are often painful for me now.  And I swear last night she was trying to stretch her way right out the side of my belly.  I'm sure she's feeling crammed in there.  In growth, I know her brain is still rapidly growing, and she's packing on some chubbiness.  Hopefully, not too much chub - I don't want a ginormous baby coming out of my hooha.

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  1. Love it! Your looking GREAT!! I'm so excited! haha

    Plus, the fact that you wrote hoohah had me laugh out loud!!

  2. I feel like your pregnancy time has just flown by! I am ridiculously excited for baby girl's arrival.

    (and like Stacey - I laughed out loud at "hoohah")

  3. I don't want a giant baby head coming out of there either! LOL! LOVE it! Congrats on getting this far! I love the pictures, keep them coming!!!

  4. Seriously! Reading this blog made me think about how quick your pregnancy has gone (...probably not to you!), but I really feel like it's flown by. Can't wait to see what she looks like!


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