Tuesday, June 15, 2010

35 Weeks

I am 35 weeks pregnant, which also means I have 35 days to go.  35?!!?!?!  How did I get to be THIS pregnant?!  (and yes I do know how, don't be gross people).

This weekend I finally felt really pregnant.  I'm having difficulty bending down to get things, and maneuvering this big belly of mine.  Getting in and out of comfortable couches or our bed is a challenge that often provides much entertainment to Ian.  The heat is also making me rather uncomfortable.  We stepped out the door to walk 3-4 blocks to church and as soon as I felt the humidity, I told Ian to get the car keys because I did not want to walk in the heat.  Also, car rides aren't so fun anymore.  Baltimore streets are in pretty bad condition so it does not make for a very smooth ride - as we go over all those bumps and pot holes, baby girl's head bounces up and down on my bladder. 

Am I really complaining?  Not really.  I think all of these things are mostly funny.  And at the end of the day, the fact that I'm this uncomfortable just reminds me that the end is nearing and the best thing is right around the corner!

Baby girl has likely reached her full birth height, and weighs in at about 5 1/2 pounds.  She is filling out at about 1/2 pound per week still, smoothing out all those wrinkles.  Her brain is doing a lot of growing, as are her lungs.  She was a moving maniac this weekend - Ian said it felt like she was trying to kick her way out.  Often she quiets down as soon as he lays his hands on my belly - but this weekend, she was not shy for her Daddy!  She didn't even seem to slow down.  He was shocked by how much she moves all the time.

We are working on finishing up her nursery - we are waiting for some shelves to arrive that I ordered online.  I've sorted through her clothes and pulled all of the newborn and 0-3 month outfits out to wash. 

As a sidenote, the kidney infection saga continues.  Last week at my 34 week checkup, they took a urine sample to make sure the infection was gone (I had been on antibiotics for 7 days).  Well, I got a call yesterday saying that the antibiotics clearly did not work.  This probably also explains why I had so many contractions throughout the weekend.  So today I start a new antibiotic.  It may explain why I've been feeling kind of off the last several days.  Here's to hoping this thing finally goes away and I can enjoy the rest of this pregnancy without any bladder/kidney issues!

Emotionally, I'm kind of on a roller coaster.  One minute I'm thrilled that she is almost here and confident that we're ready.  Then, the next minute I will start panicking because there seems like there is still SO much to do, SO much to get.  I start worrying about money.  As I mentioned before, babies cost a lot of money!  I feel like there is still so much to do, along with me trying to do some stuff for law school (like figuring out my schedule for the fall, getting lots of paperwork completed and turned in, and working on revising my huge paper again).  Will all of these to-dos get done?  I don't know...but I hope so!

35 days to go...can't believe she's almost here.  Baby girl, I need you to stay put for about 3 more weeks. 


  1. AHHHH! 35 days! That's going to FLY! Your pics are looking great, it seems like just yesterday you were spreading the news!


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