Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Success

I managed to not really have a lot of pain from the kidney stone this weekend - SO relieved about that.  Don't think the kidney stone has made its way out though.  Time will tell.

The wedding weekend was a success.  Lauren and I had a fabulous time catching up and she made a perfect date for the weekend.  She took tons of pictures while I was busy with bridesmaid duties - so here's a picture post for this lazy Monday.

We stayed at this old mansion for the weekend - it was beautiful and the restaurant is supposed to be fantastic:

At the rehearsal dinner, the lovely bride and groom:

Lauren and I at the rehearsal dinner:

Leah made a beautiful bride - and her dress was simply stunning!

I was happy when the ceremony was over and I had managed to walk successfully without tripping!

Lauren and I in between the ceremony and reception:

The newlyweds!

Me with the happy couple:

Congrats to Leah and Mark and enjoy your honeymoon :)


  1. You look so cute in your bridesmaid dress!

  2. How cute are you!? Love the maternity bridesmaids dress.... little Miss is filling it out nicely now compared to when you first tried it on :) Can't believe you're less than 8 weeks out!


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