Monday, April 12, 2010

Much Accomplished

This weekend was incredibly productive.  Saturday, we took care of some paperwork for my car that had been on our to-do list since 2008.  It feels so good to get it taken care of and was so easy!

We also got the crib set up:

Tessa - practicing her watchful duties for when baby is here.

Ian power-washed the patio.  These photos don't do it justice - there is seriously SUCH a difference.  Here's the before:

Here's the after:

We watched the movie Precious - which was both incredibly sad and disturbing - but also uplifting and the acting was pretty great.  We looked into birth classes (a post will be coming on this), read a lot in our birthing book, and sent our pre-registration packet back to the hospital.  We grabbed our free ice at the ice stand we love so much.  We even had time to have dinner with Kim and Jeremy on Saturday night.  We went to Akbar for some delicious indian food.

We made it to church, where we proceeded to get a case of the giggles leading me to excuse myself to go stand outside for a few minutes.  And we took an hour walk with Tessa to enjoy the beautiful weather and get me some exercise.

I love productive weekends!


  1. Oh man - church giggles are the worst and yet the best. One of my best friends from high school and I cannot sit within one row of each other because no matter how hard we try - we won't even talk - we just get those giggles!

    I giggle just thinking about it!!

    (It's so fun to laugh like that though :P)

  2. Sounds like a lovely productive weekend, wish I could say the same. You're UNDER 100 days now sister! WOWZA! :)

  3. I love your crib! I can't wait for us to get ours set up.
    The baby insurance I was talking about is health insurance for the baby. In most states the baby is covered under you for 30 days, but then the baby needs his/her own health insurance. Some people qualify for medicaid, but I don't think we do. To add our little guy to my work health insurance it will cost $400/mo. It is good insurance but that much money is scary to me:( My next step is to get a few quotes for the baby as an individual on an individual plan.


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