Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prenatal Workouts

I have a confession - I have not been good about getting to the gym.  In fact, I haven't been there in over a month.  I feel very awkward at the gym these days.  My gym is a little upscale and the people there are workout maniacs.  I'm normally fine with it, but as I've gotten bigger, I feel a little out of sorts there.

Instead, I've been walking a lot outside and doing some exercises in the house, including lifting hand weights for my arms.  But with the prospect of more time on my hands in less than two weeks (today is my last day of classes - can I get a whoop whoop?!), I want to be better about exercising.

I ordered two prenatal workout DVDS.  One is prenatal yoga and it's supposed to be a moderate workout.  The other is prenatal long and lean, and it's supposed to be more intense.

Yesterday, I tried the latter DVD.  I went into it thinking, this will be good for me and will make me feel really good.

Holy hell, I was not prepared for the challenge of it!  I think it would be challenging for even a non-pregnant person.  And this morning - my arms and legs are SO sore.  Stairs are not my friend (nor is the toilet considering I have to get up and down from it so many times to pee!).  But - it does feel good to have gotten a true, good workout in.  It felt good to sweat it out and challenge my body.  And the soreness - I kind of miss this feeling.

As soon as exams are over, I am going to make it a priority to try to do something active everyday.  Whether it's a walk, doing an exercise video, going to prenatal yoga at a yoga studio, or going to the gym.  I'll give you my review of the other exercise DVD once I get an hour to do it, and after my aching body heals a little :)

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  1. Have you checked into the possibility of prenatal exercise classes at your gym?

    I always felt uncomfortable at any gym I went to. Only slightly less at all womens gyms. It's a little easier when you have someone to go with you.

    I give you a lot of credit for doing a workout dvd. I'm glad you were able to get the kind of workout you were looking for. And since it's a prenatal video, you know it's safe, which is nice.


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