Monday, April 26, 2010

A Baby Filled Weekend and other Baby Related Items

Over the last week, I had become increasingly more uncomfortable sitting for more than a few minutes in the same position.  I looked online and figured out that I might be more comfortable on a birthing ball:

So I went ahead and ordered one from amazon and am realizing it was a very good buy for me!  When I get uncomfortable on the couch, I switch over to sitting on the ball and immediately my back feels better, along with my belly actually having room to be free.  It also should come into good use when I'm actually in labor - helping to get baby in the right position while allowing me to rock through contractions.  I ordered it for about $50.

Not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but we have baby girl's car seat and extra adapter for the car seat for Ian's car.  Her room is slowly but surely filling up with more baby stuff, and when I walk in and sit in her room, I am overwhelmed with emotions.  Excitement for her to be here.  Nerves for the fact that in less than 3 months, we are 100% responsible for the care and upbringing of a little human being.  I imagine watching Ian with her, and I am suddenly so full of pride and tears.  He's going to be adorable with her and while I've imagined this for so long, imagining him interacting with our kids, the fact that it's right around the corner leaves me in awe.

I think all of these emotions were more present because of being surrounded by little kids on Saturday night.  We went to a get together where a newborn was, along with another infant, and a few of us were there who are soon-to-be parents.  There was a lot of talk about birth, baby advice, pregnancy.  Ian got a look at what a teeny-tiny newborn looks like, and we both got a taste of what having a toddler will be like.  I thought the whole experience might scare Ian a bit - but he handled it like a pro and soon became best buds with the toddler.  All he could do was laugh with her - especially when she announced that she had the poops, or that she had burped out her butt. 

Towards the end of the party I was in a different room than Ian.  I was watching the toddler run around like a maniac and laughing with pure joy at her carefreeness.  I glanced up to see Ian quietly watching us with a huge smile on his face.  Our eyes met, and although no words were spoken, I knew exactly what we both were thinking: this will be our life in a few months.  The twinkle in our eyes said it all - we are so ready and filled with complete joy at this realization.


  1. Awwww, this is a very sweet post! You two are totally ready!

    Also, that birthing ball will come in handy after the baby arrives. My lactation consultant showed me that if you sit on the ball while holding the baby and gently bounce up and down, the baby will often calm down. Also, she taught us that if we put Em in her car seat (when she was still small enough for the infant car seat) and she wouldn't stop crying before we left the house, very very gently bounce the car seat on the top of the ball. Calmed her down just like that!


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