Friday, April 9, 2010


I've heard amazing things about acupuncture over the past several years.  Little by little, I am hearing about more people who have tried it and loved it, people who now swear by it.  I tried it once about 5 years ago and did not have the best experience.  It made me feel lightheaded and kind of nauseous.  But I've also heard that it really depends on the person who is doing the acupuncture. 

I'd love to give it a try again because I've heard it can do amazing things for pregnant women.  I'd love to do it for anxiety, back pain, and heartburn.  I also just read that it can do work wonders for those with allergies, so I am throwing that in there too.  Oh and asthma.  Actually, can it just work on all of these things?

I even have a friend who wants to try it with me - score!  I don't like doing these things alone so I'm thrilled.

What has your experience been with acupuncture?  If you live in the Baltimore area, do you recommend someone in particular?


Our weekend plans are pretty non-existent.  I may have a girls night with some law school friends tonight but it really depends because of the following little story. 

My darling husband seems to have either gotten a stomach bug or food poisoning during his night out last night.  Let's hope for the latter of the two options since you know I am a major germaphobe.  Actually, my biggest fear is throwing up.  Crazy I know.  But I will do ANYTHING to not vomit.  When I do feel that sick, I pace, I fight it, I take meds to settle my stomach, I count (I'm crazy, I know), I burp, I put cold compresses on my forehead, I even pray.  And if I know someone who has a stomach bug, I normally avoid being around the person for several days, and will not go to their house/apartment for at least a couple weeks.  I'm paranoid.  It's clearly a phobia. 

So having the hubby sick in the house makes for a very paranoid person.  I force him to carry clorox wipes so that he doesn't touch anything and that he can disinfect everything as he goes.  Thank goodness he's not bothered by these things.  I try to take care of him from a distance - setting out the appropriate things like medicine, water, ginger ale and he can come take them as he needs to.

We're thinking it's food poisoning because he has eaten at this place a few other times, and a few of the people who were there one of the previous times got sick.  I don't think he'll be going back to this place ever again.

Other things to do this weekend - decide on a birth class, put the crib together, run errands, clear more stuff to make room for baby stuff, and I'm sure more baby related stuff.

Oh, and according to my countdown over there to the right, on Sunday will mark the 100 day countdown to baby girl's debut.  100 FREAKING DAYS!


  1. My mom is actually an acupuncturist! So I'm a firm believer and big supporter of it. I could definitely give you some more info if you're interested. Just let me know! :)

  2. When I was in the prime of all the pain with my arms - my acupuncturist was the only one who could bring me any kind of relief! Seriously. I originally went for anxiety (you know me) and couldn't believe after everything I tried how well it works, I found I hardly got sick and my anxiety just got so much better.. I'm a huge supporter.

    I have a great person in Towson...I'd be happy to share!


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