Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To our little girl

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, your Daddy and I started talking about how amazing it was to see you.  We are so amazed that it seems like you already have your own little personality.  Now, every time I feel you moving, I wonder what you're doing in there - maybe some more yoga moves?  We wonder what you'll be like when you make your grand entrance in July.  Will you be sweet, silly, shy, brave, sensitive, artistic, sporty, cranky, quiet, loud, independent, snuggly?  We're guessing you'll be active considering what a maniac you were in there for that one hour.  I so wish I could see what you're doing in there - but instead, I'll have to wait to see you again until July.  Until then, I'll continue staring at these little pictures, imagining what you're up to.

When I thought about becoming a mom, your mom, I always thought of the typical things about being a parent: feeding you, changing diapers, dressing you, soothing you when you're crying.  As you get older, I imagined dealing with disciplining you and talking with your Dad about how we will handle certain situations like when you come home late after curfew, or how we'll handle the first time you want to date a boy (I only add this into the disciplining section because your Dad says you won't be allowed to do this...ever...but don't worry, I'll work on him).  But when I saw you on the screen, what all of those situations didn't prepare me for was this overwhelming feeling of love.  I look at the pictures, and think, gosh you are so cute.  And I cannot believe I have fallen head over heels in love with someone I haven't even met.  But I have.  We love you so much, and cannot wait to be your parents in less than 20 weeks!

Love, Mom


  1. Okay...I'm am totally crying reading this (dang hormones). What a beautiful letter! Your daughter is so lucky to have parents that already love her so much. Congrats again!!

  2. Oooo I got goosebumps! She is so lucky to have you two as parents!

  3. So sweet!

    And a GIRL! CONGRATS! Girls are so much fun!!!

  4. Cristina - I just reread what I wrote and I started tearing up as well. It's so crazy how much we love these little ones and we're only halfway to meeting them!

    Spacey - So sweet. I'm so excited I was picked to become her mama.

    Nanette - Thank you!! It seems our similar symptoms were right on the money!


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