Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh Monday, I Wasn't Quite Ready for You

We had an incredibly busy weekend in which I did not get much work done...oops.  But sometimes, you just need a break, right?  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Since it's Lent season, Ian and I have not been eating meat on Fridays.  Instead, I've been stopping by Whole Foods during the day to pick out some fresh fish and veggies, and we've been having Friday Fish nights.  I have to say, these meals are so freaking quick, easy, fresh, and absolutely delicious that we might have to continue this tradition after Lent is over.

We watched Kung Fu Panda and it was super cute.  There's something nice about watching kids movies - it's innocent and sweet and relaxing.  Saturday morning Ian got up early and did our grocery shopping while I stayed home, slept and did some stuff in the house.  I love that man for doing sweet things like leaving me home to relax. 

We met up with a couple friends and their adorable 1.5 year old daughter for brunch.  I've noticed that since we've been pregnant, it's not only me who is mesmerized by children around me.  Normally, if we are near a child in a restaurant, store, or church, I cannot pay attention to anything else.  Now, Ian's doing the same thing, and it makes me swoon to see his face light up just to try to make a little kid smile.  He is going to be an amazing dad.  The couple's daughter was hilarious and Ian and I could barely pay attention to the adult conversation - we were both so distracted by her cuteness.  We talked lots of baby talk especially now that we found out they are expecting baby #2.  It's so helpful to talk to people who have just been through this - they have such amazing information to share!

Afterwards, we came home and relaxed and soon got ready for dinner at The Dogwood.  The restaurant prides itself on being sustainable American cuisine - organic whenever possible, and local fresh ingredients as much as possible.  The atmosphere, although in a basement, is warm and inviting.  The restaurant is located in quaint Hampden.  And the food - it was delightful.  I shared the lobster ravioli, and then got the colossal caesar salad with roasted chicken on top.  The caesar salad uses a vegan dressing which is the only reason I could have it.  Ian had the rockfish for his main course and he loved it.  All of the food was delicious!  We definitely will be going back soon.

Sunday, we woke up early and went to church.  Then we made homemade buttermilk blueberry pancakes (my fave).  Afterwards, we did lots of baby products research.  Then, our day got ridiculously busy with errands: Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, then back to Costco.  The mattress topper we (this is not the correct term, but I have no idea what it's called.  it goes in between the mattress cover and sheets!) have now was not providing any comfort and needed to be replaced.  We picked up the few things we needed at Costco and found a replacement there, but Ian was hesitant to get it.  For some reason, the second we step foot in Costco, Ian goes into panic mode about money.  It's not like we buy things outrageous there.  On our list yesterday was: toilet paper, paper towels, zyrtec, contact lens solution, chicken, pork tenderloin, lightbulbs, clorox wipes, laundry detergent, dish washer detergent.  Nothing too crazy on there.  We really do stick to our list when we got there - but it still ends up being at least a $200 trip. 

So anyways - he debates and debates whether we should get it.  It was on sale at costco for $140.  We decide to not buy it, and check out the options at Bed Bath and Beyond since we had to go there anyways.  At Bed Bath and Beyond, the same quality one was anywhere from $200-350.  That certainly wasn't happening.  So after we bought the few things we needed at BBB, we went back to Costco to pick up the mattress thingie.

All of this is to tell you that we slept on it last night, and it's so comfortable!  It is a memory foam thing and makes you melt into the bed.  I didn't sleep wonderfully last night - but I think it has more to do with it being new so my body just has to adjust to it.

I finished off the weekend by making homemade chicken curry.  I woke up this morning and our house still has the aromatic smell of indian spices.  Can't wait for leftovers today!

In baby news, she is moving a lot these days.  But no matter how often I feel her move, I still am surprised by it every time.  And I'm still in the habit of squealing and announcing to Ian that she's moving.  But as soon as he puts his hand on my belly, she stops.  Stubborn little girl - just like her mama.


  1. Kurt and I have been thinking about getting one of those memory foam bed topper things but have been hesitant to invest in it. I'm definitely interested to hear if it has helped at all for you! Keep me posted! sounds like a busy but great weekend. Sometimes it just feels good to get a lot done!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I will have to check out that book.
    My baby will always stops moving in my stomach when my husband puts his hand near too. He did feel him kicking once when I was laying down though (I don't think it was until 23 weeks).
    I can relate to you in so many ways...but the funniest was that when you are gone-your husband eats junk food and plays video games:) Mine too! I took a picture of him eating chicken wings, Doritos, and a snickers for supper (together). Yuck:)

    I actually am finding the opposite when it comes to babies though. Everyone Oooh's and Aaah's over the babies at church and the ones we see out to eat. I find them cute and fun to look at, but I have purposely distanced myself from them a little since I have been pregnant. I know I am soo excited to have a baby of my own, and I will probably enjoy letting other people hold him and ooh and ahh, but I think because it is so close and real now- that I don't need my baby fix. I just need my freedom for a bit longer. Or maybe I think people will judge how I treat or interact with the babies I see around. I don't know (and I couldn't really explain what I am trying to say to my husband either:). Just thinking outloud.

    Stay Strong.

  3. Cristina - I am now LOVING the mattress topper thingie. I'm not waking up with my hips bothering me!

    Angie - Sounds like our hubbies are very alike! Thanks for the comment :)


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