Monday, September 21, 2009

Love is in the Air

This weekend we were surrounded by so many friends. Friday night we kicked off the weekend with dinner at Samos.  After Ian and I both worked out on Saturday morning and dropped Tessa off at my mom's, we headed to Kent Island, MD for Annie and Brad's wedding.  We were running so late that we knew we didn't have time to check into the hotel before their ceremony, which meant we had to change in the car down the street from the church.  Try putting spanx on in the car - it's more challenging than you think, especially when you're trying to make sure no people in their houses can see you.  I'll just leave it at that.

Anywayyyyys - we went early to the church so we could get a good seat for picture taking.  The ceremony was over before we knew it and was so very lovely.  The bride and groom looked gorgeous and handsome (respectively) and the bridesmaid dresses were a great color on everyone! 

They also hired the incredibly talented Maria & Drew to photograph their wedding so it was fun to finally meet them in person and see them in action! 

We then checked into our hotel and headed to some a friend's hotel room to chat it up with some of our very best friends.  Annie and I went to high school together so all of our high school girlfriends were there, along with my very best guy friends.  This meant we were in for a very long drinking night - inevitably that seems to happen when you know that many people at a wedding - it becomes one huge drinking fest that makes for fantastic/slightly scary dancing, and even more fantastic/slightly scary photos.

The cocktail hour had the most beautiful setting since we were directly on the water.  The food was good - but it seemed they couldn't come out quickly enough because people were attacking the server.  Something about the heat and drinking makes people HUNGRY!

Then came the reception, which seemed to fly by!  When the reception was all over, we headed back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes and headed to a nearby tiki bar which had some very interesting characters. 

Sunday we went and picked Tessa up and headed straight to Elena's first birthday party.  I wish we could've stayed longer and played with all the kiddies, but dear Tessa was not cooperating.  She sees kids and automatically thinks any food they have is hers to eat.  She's very gentle and not mean in any way, but just gets so hyper!  And it was way too hot to leave her in the car for longer than a few minutes.  But miss Elena looked absolutely adorable in her outfit that her grandma had made her - a ladybug outfit.  Hopefully Elena's momma will post some pics on her blog of the day.

I am exhausted from the weekend, and Ian is now sick - but it was such an incredible weekend surrounded by so many friends.  I miss all of those friends who live near our old house, which is only an hour away from where we live now, but difficult to get to often.  Ian and I are going to try to make an effort to make the trip down there more often because we miss them so much, and have such a fabulous time with them.

Congrats to Annie and Brad, who are now in Greece celebrating being newlyweds, and happy 1st birthday to Elena (and her parents who really deserve a Congrats - being new parents is hard!).

Here are pics from the wedding!

And the craziness begins!

And my personal favorite, which makes me oh-so-proud to be married to this man:

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