Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedding Recap 2

We're back from Greece after a fabulous 13 days there! I'll get into details about that later on but want to get back to some wedding weekend details. I think my wedding recap posts will last me quite some time!

First - I received a preview slideshow from our photographer. Take a look: Preliminary Slideshow.

Also - Kim did a review of the wedding weekend here and posted a few photos here.

No wedding is perfect. And ours wasn't perfect either. But the little things that went wrong were very little and probably not noticed by most people. Here is a list of the little things that weren't quite so perfect or that we wish we had done differently in retrospect:

  • We arrived the Friday before the wedding to the hotel with a ton of food for lunch for all of the girls. We arrived around 2:30 and were supposed to be able to check into our suite by 2. I was then informed that the hotel had made a mistake and that the previous nights guests were still in the suite. By the time they got us into a temporary room, we had less than an hour for a few girls to shower and get ready for the rehearsal dinner - plus no time to eat lunch. So I was hungry, cranky and rushed for the rehearsal and dinner.
  • The flowers were absolutely gorgeous - however, our florist made a mistake. The matron-of-honor and maid-of-honor bouquets were supposed to be only hot pink with a little bit of green. He accidentally added white in there. Not a bit deal but I had hoped their bouquets would be different than the bridesmaids.
  • I didn't find out until the day after the wedding about this one: Ian and I got into our beautiful classic car and poured champagne - warm champagne. I was quite confused why suddenly our mini champagne bottle that had been on ice all day was now a gigantic bottle that was warm. It turns out that a couple of my bridesmaids thought it would be a wise idea to take it and drink it themselves in the bathroom of the ceremony site before the wedding. I think it's funny in retrospect but felt badly for one of our close friends who had bought us the original nice bottle. Also was a little disappointed to hear that my bridesmaids would be drinking in the bathroom before I'm about to get married. Are we in high school? I'm glad I didn't know about it at the time. Just a mix-up but certainly a story that's funny. And girls - I know who you were - dorks!
  • The hotel didn't serve one of the flavors of cake. We had a chocolate cake (that was delicious!) and a white cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream icing. We had tons of cake leftover and I'm upset that they didn't serve anymore than a few pieces of the strawberry shortcake kind considering that's the one that won't freeze. Plus - I wanted people to have a choice of cake - that's why we ordered so much!
  • Our car carrying me, my mom and dad on our way to the church conked out. The driver was able to restart it within a minute or so but we were getting ourselves ready to cab it! Surprisingly, I started laughing when this happened. I was not really worried about it!
  • 4 people that came to the ceremony never showed up for the reception! Of all parts - come for the party! I don't really understand it - but oh well. Those were the only 4 people who didn't show up.
  • Our music people didn't sing all of the songs we asked for. We knew ahead of time that our soloist had to leave right after singing Ave Maria in order to get to a 6:30pm mass that she had to sing at. I just wish she would've told us ahead of time that we'd have to limit our songs. Instead, I was surprised during the ceremony that they skipped several songs. Why wasn't I told about it beforehand!
  • My dress buttons ripped big time - oh well - it's not like I plan on wearing it again (unless we do a trash-the-dress shoot with K&J - you interested??)

Considering all the things that could go wrong - I consider ourselves very lucky that we had just a few minor things happen. To me, it was pretty close to perfect:)


  1. You know - The Mr and eyeballing your cake like, "I want more!" hahaha... it was frickin' amazing.

    I didn't even notice anything that was wrong! :-)

  2. You ripped your dress?!

    It is funny what a bride notices...I had no clue of any of those things...well maybe one :P

  3. Beautiful pictures! And yes, no wedding is ever perfect, but usually no one notices but you! Hurricane Ernesto hit Baltimore on the day of our wedding, we couldn't really change that so we just rolled with it :) Our limo also got into an accident on the way to picking me and the girls up, so I ended up being an hour late to my own wedding! Those little things are what make us remember it :)


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