Monday, March 3, 2008

Anddddd DONE!

We got confirmation from our videographer, Atlantis Imagery so I'm happy that is crossed off my list! We had another busy weekend so here is the recap:


I finished buying my bridesmaids gifts. I would go into detail but I can't because most of them read the blog. But I can say that I'd be excited if I were getting the gifts! On another bridesmaid related note, the majority of the girls dresses have arrived and I'm just waiting to hear how they fit! Can't wait to see them.

We also went to Boone & Sons to look at wedding bands. A friend from work got her wedding band there and I loved it so we decided to check it out. It's a good thing we did because they gave us awesome deals on both bands. I can't find a picture of what mine looks like, but it's 15 round diamonds set in a 4 prong fish tail platinum setting. The diamonds go 1/2 way around the band. They gave us 20% off my band. It looks a little like this:

Ian's band was 30% off and looks similar to this:

We also worked out like maniacs on Saturday. We went to dinner at Cafe de Paris in Columbia with Ian's parents. Since Ian and his family lived in France for 10 years, they hit it off with the owner of the restaurant. Our reservation was at 7:30 and we didn't leave until 11:15 after the owner had us over to the bar after dinner for some drinks. The food was excellent and it's a cute little place so you should check it out if you live out that way. It's only about 15 minutes from Baltimore. They offer a cooking class once per month - I think we might have to check it out!

We got a late start on Sunday after our later than normal dinner night on Saturday. I used to love to sleep in until 11, 12, even 1. Now, if I am up any later than 9, I feel like I've wasted half the day! It's funny how time changes things. We then headed to Upper Crust Wedding Cakes in Fairfax. Her website impressed me so I knew I wanted to meet with her. Elizabeth is the owner and works out of her home! Her cake was DELICIOUS! I am not even a huge cake person, and I ended up taking what we couldn't finish to go. I am obsessed! I just emailed her to let her know we're hiring her. She rocks. We will have a four tiered cake with two flavors - vanilla cake with fresh strawberries in grand marnier and vanilla buttercream, and chocolate devil's food cake (A-MAZ-ING) with a vanilla buttercream. She also is doing the groom's cake in the shape and design of Ian's favorite soccer team, Arsenal and Ian has chosen to have vanilla cake with a black raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling.

And I had another big workout this morning because of the delicious cake, ha!


  1. Ooh - I want to know what you got your bridesmaids (because I'm nosy). :-)

    Also, the cake tasting was one of the highlights for us in the wedding planning process. They give you free cake! Its wonderful.

  2. hahaha I got to go with Marideth for her tasting - I almost needed to be held back from diving into the frosting!

  3. And ps - the ring is gorgeous!

  4. Kim - the cake is Ian's favorite part as well!

    Stacy - Thank you! I'm pretty excited about being able to wear it:)

  5. your posting made me hungry...
    your colors are changed! im not used to these...!

  6. Anonymous - who is that?? And whoever is coming to the wedding I hope the cake will satisfy their hunger!

    Marriage-101 - Thank you!


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