Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giddy Bride

I left work early today to go meet with the ceremony coordinator and music director at Prep. I was anxious to meet with him as he had been quite difficult to get in touch with and get answers from. I needed information on pre-cana, their requirements, how early we get into the church, photographer restrictions, and so on.

First of all, for those of you who don't know Prep, it is like a mini college campus. It's on about 90 acres in North Bethesda and the buildings are beautiful. We walked around before we went into the meeting and I just felt at peace there. I remember playing underneath the bleachers while my brother's soccer game was going on. I've been in many of the buildings dozens of times. I remember playing in the quad on a day I went to work with my mom. We walked into the building where we were meeting with Tony, and I immediately saw my brother's graduation picture in the hallway of the building. We were waiting in the hallway and a very close family friend walked through the hallway (he is a teacher there) and we got caught up talking while we waited.

We then met with Tony and I was totally put at ease. He was fantastic and answered all of my questions, plus some. He gave us a book full of useful information to help us start planning the ceremony. It has program examples, possible readings, possible songs, seating arrangements. I found myself getting more and more excited the more we chatted. I was finally that giddy bride!

I would've thought that the giddiness would come over planning the reception. But for some reason, talking about the possibilities for music, soloists, readings, how our other friends can participate, etc., gave me such excitement.

He then gave us a tour of where the girls will wait beforehand, where the guys will wait, the bathrooms for the guests, the chapel, where the musicians will be, a beautiful balcony where photographers can take photos. He showed us how they will shut the enormous doors leading into the church after the matron-of-honor enters the church and then when the bride's music starts they will have two people open both doors for me to enter. He showed us the possibilites of where Ian and I will sit during the ceremony.

I left there with the biggest smile on my face and Ian turned and was like "you've got that glow". I'm not sure what it was about being there, maybe it was that I feel such comfort there, or going through the motions and imagining us there on our wedding day. Either way - I'm getting excited that we have 5 months until the big day:) And here's a picture we took when the boy's brother was in town. It's of us in front of the chapel.


  1. hahaha HOW FUN!!!! That has to be just such a wonderful feeling!! :)

    I can't believe only five more months!!!

  2. Holy crap - its really coming fast!


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