Monday, January 25, 2010

Udder Covers Promotion

* I am not being paid for this whatsoever - just passing along the information.

Just came across this promotion and thought I'd share.  Udder Covers has a promotion going on - all of the gift sets are being sold for $5 (plus shipping) when you enter the promotion code "Expecting."  If you're wondering what it is, the gift sets include the udder cover (basically an apron that covers everything when you're breastfeeding), breast pads, and a little wrist band to keep track of which side you fed from last.  I'm not sure how long this promotion is running - but figured I'd let you know.  Normally the gift sets are $45. I just ordered a set (not sure if it'll be for me or a gift for someone) and the total came to $14.95. 

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